• Introducing our new line of custom big storage containers, designed to meet all of your storage needs in a big way! Whether you need to organize your garage, store seasonal decorations, or keep your business inventory safe and secure, our custom big storage containers are the perfect solution. Our containers are available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your space. We understand that every storage need is unique, which is why we offer customization options to make sure that our containers meet your specific requirements. From shelves and dividers to locking mechanisms and color choices, we can tailor your storage containers to suit your exact needs. Built with durability in mind, our big storage containers are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Whether you need to store heavy equipment or delicate items, our containers provide the strength and protection you need. Plus, their stackable design allows you to maximize your storage space, making them a practical and efficient solution for any home or business. Say goodbye to clutter and disorganization with our custom big storage containers. With their versatility, customization options, and durability, they are the ideal choice for all of your storage needs. Upgrade your storage solutions today with our custom big storage containers.
  • Durable and Versatile Plastic Storage Tubs for Organization and Containment

    Jieyang Jiqing Plastic Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of plastic household supplies since its establishment in 1989. With over 30 years of experience in production, management, and sales, t
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